Common Questions

Will A Single Massage Help Me Feel Better?

Yes and no. For a number of physical and stress related problems, massage can have an immediate impact. Every day we have clients come in feeling stressed out, complaining of a sore neck ,a tight back, etc. who leave feeling significantly better. But if you have ever had the experience of getting a massage and not noticing an immediate effect, you’re not alone. Sometimes the effects of a session can take time to manifest. You may walk out feeling that you still have the issue you came in with but when you wake up the next day it’s resolved. But sometimes you won’t notice a significant difference, even after a day or more. This happens because some of the positive effects of massage are cumulative. In other words, the more massage you get, the more benefit it provides.

While many studies documented the benefits of massage to treat a wide range of ailments, a limitation of this research is that most studies have followed participants over the course of many massages. Thus, while you can very definitely get results from a single session, you may only get the maximum benefit if you come in regularly. That doesn’t mean you have to come in weekly. Even a monthly or every 6 weeks treatment can be effective in turning massage into a regular part of your life. We realize that not everyone has the time or inclination to make massage more than an occasional event. We are just as happy to welcome clients who come in once a year as those who visit more frequently. We just want you to have a realistic expectation as to the benefits if you choose to visit less often.

What Massage Style Would Be Best For Me?

Most spas charge $20 or $30 extra for deep tissue, shiatsu or other advanced techniques. We don’t. We know how frustrated you’d be if you asked your therapist to work a little deeper and they couldn’t because you hadn’t paid extra for deep massage. And we know you’d probably be upset if you had already paid extra and then really you needed a lighter touch that day. Instead, you can specify a treatment style when you book, or simply tell your therapist how your feeling when you arrive and they will craft your massage especially for you on any given day, drawing from a wide range of techniques to make you feel great.

What is Your Facility Like?

img_1490Our office in the De Hart Building circa 1845 used to be the Cranbury general store, owned by Imre and Dorothy Lindenfeld, from October 1938 to July 1969. We’re pretty certain the family lived here up until about 1948 and we’re using their living room (our treatment room), their kitchen (our waiting room) and their bathroom (check out the 8 foot bathtub!). The locals referred to (and still remember) the store as Imre’s Store. If you’re imageedit_2_5538768742looking for a big over-the-top spa experience we’re not your place. But if you want to enjoy what our clients consistently call the best massage in central NJ in a warm atmosphere with a personal touch, you should have a great visit.


What Do I Wear?

You will be draped with a sheet during your massage and your therapist will only undrape any areas that are being worked. If you would like to wear your underwear, you may. Modesty is always preserved. Techniques such as Traditional Thai, Shiatsu and Active Isolated Stretching are always performed through loose comfy clothing. Some geriatric sessions and chair massage (15 minutes) are always through the clothing.

What If I Am Uncomfortable During My Massage?

Your therapist will never be offended if you ask her to make an adjustment. If you’re too hot or too cold, if the music is too loud or too soft, if the touch is too hard or not hard enough, or if you feel uncomfortable for any reason, do not hesitate to let your therapist know immediately. Our table is equipped with a heating pad, and everything from the volume of the music in the treatment room to the angle of the face rest is adjustable. So never be afraid to speak up.

What If I Need To Cancel?

Cancellations: To avoid being charged for the full amount of your session, please let us know 24 hours before. Same day cancellations or no-shows will result in billing for the entire session unless there is an emergency.

Lateness: Clients who arrive late for scheduled sessions will be given care for the time remaining. So we may provide optimal care we suggest clients leave extra time for travel in order to ensure adequate time for discussion, assessment and treatment.

Also: In the event of a scheduling conflict resulting in a last minute cancellation on our part, your next session will be given free of charge.

Thank you for your understanding and adherence to these policies.